Feora Firecam



“Do not waste your anger in tears. Justice is found only in the truth of Menoth and the deeds of the faithful.”

Tragedy grants strength and conviction to the survivors. Few have learned this bitter lesson as well as Feora, sometimes called the Flame of Sorrow among her fellow initiates in the Temple Flameguard. Among an order united by loss, she epitomizes the strength bestowed on those who have lost everything. Feora has become a living weapon of the Menite cause, her body and soul devoted to avenging the injustices carried out by those who oppose the Lawgiver.

She moves with a surety of purpose, the brute force of her fists carrying the weight of being an orphan left at the Order of the Fist monastery long ago. She yearns to offer Menoth heroic and just deeds in his name, ever searching to give herself and her faith purpose.

Try as she might to banish her feelings, Feora cannot stop thinking about the high priests and monks had told her when she became of age: her village on the outskirts of the Protectorate had been attacked and destroyed by druids of the Circle. She had been found by a contingent of Menite Exemplar who responded to late to the attack, taking what survivors they could back to safer lands within the Protectorate. She was one of them and brought to the Order of the Fist.

During her upbringing, Reznik the High Monk and leader of the Order of the Fist was her mentor. Trained to be a monk, Feora found the monk life not fitting for her, despite enjoying the flexibility and use of her very hands to dispense Menite justice, a higher calling had called her away from the Order of the Fist. Feora and Reznik left on the best terms one might expect from her hot tempered demeanor and she went on to join the Temple Flameguard, led by Thyra the Priestess of the Flame.

In her service with the Temple Flameguard, Feora found her true calling: a warrior monk that wielded the power of Menoth in her very hand. Feora quickly rose through the ranks of the Flameguard, always opting to fight unarmored and with her fists instead of the typical armor, shield and spear used by a majority of the Flameguard. Feora was a force to be reckoned with in combat. After several battles protecting the Protectorate frontier from The Circle and other forces that would threaten the small Protectorate, quite practically a religious designate in the Empire, Thyra had sent Feora on The Pilgrimage. Only those deemed strong enough and powerful enough in the faith were allowed to venture out on this pilgrimage: their goal to bring the word of Menoth to the faithful, spread the religion through heroic deeds and by delivering justice.

As is custom on those new to the Pilgrimage, Feora was brought before Hierarch Severius. The old scrutator, a priestly order that was dedicated to complete obedience of all Menites in the Protectorate and maintaining a very tight control over the Protectorate to make sure they never fell into disgrace like they did centuries ago with Hierarch Voyle, blessed Feora’s journey. Feora was given a rare gift: the Canon of the True Law. This book, not just merely a place to learn and prepare the powers of Menoth, but a copy of the original Canon of the True Law that remains in the High Synod Temple in the capital fortress of Imer. It is rare indeed to receive such a gift from the Hierarch and Feora knows this.

Now Feora ventures toward the small town of Pallo in the land of Bavarna, unknown to her that the Kobold Post is enroute to her with a message that will change everything forever.

Feora Firecam

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