Allegiant of the Order of the Fist


No warrior looks more unassuming at rest or more devastating in motion than a monk of the Order of the Fist. Disdaining weapons and wearing little armor, these
expert pugilists effortlessly evade rifle fire, deflect enemy blades, and counterattack with rapid kicks and punches. An allegiant monk has fused his faith with unwavering discipline and absolute self-control to become one of the
most dangerous weapons in the Protectorate’s arsenal.

The order was founded by Garrick Voyle a decade before he seized rule of the Protectorate. Voyle deciphered the lost secrets of the ancient priest-kings and their guardians and melded them with the martial skills of the Idrian people to
create techniques that unite a mortal body with the eternal will of Menoth. Allegiants study the strength of stone and the fluidity of sand until the application of deadly force becomes as natural to them as breathing.

The Order of the Fist proved its unique strength to the other martial orders when it provided Voyle’s inner guard in the bloody months he consolidated his power. Its monks prowled the streets continually, listening for treason and rooting out
insurrection before it could begin. Men and women dragged away by monks in the the night simply vanished.

Known Powers: Immune to attacks of opportunity, deflect ranged projectiles, retains all AC when knocked down. If the monk doesn’t move and enters shifting sands stance, gains bonus to ac and if an attack misses, can move full speed after the miss.

Allegiant of the Order of the Fist

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