Exemplar Errants


If the Knights Exemplar are the sword of Menoth defending his lands from the unfaithful, the Exemplars Errant are his lance striking deep into the heart of his enemies. Ranging outside the borders of the Protectorate, these crusading
knights carry out missions of great importance for the priesthood and the Lawgiver.

As an advance strike force, the Exemplars Errant forego the use of sacred relic blades, lest they fall into the hands of covetous heathens. Instead, they bring lighter and more versatile weapons on their holy missions. The errants are trained every bit as rigorously in the martial arts as any exemplar. Each is armed with
a heavy crossbow fortified with blessings and prayers to pierce arcane wards and magical sigils. Each errant likewise bears a shield inscribed with sacred passages taken from the Canon of the True Law to protect him in the execution of his
sacred duty. Each knows that should he fall to the enemies of Menoth while bringing the light to foreign lands, his deeds and acts will go unrecorded save in the Annuls of the Faithful in Urcaen, where his brothers who have passed before him wait.

The Exemplar order relies on the errants to carry out the Synod’s will across the realm. Traitors and other heretics fleeing the Protectorate might think themselves safely escaped only to be found by a cadre of errants years later.
Knights errant also serve the crusading armies of the Protectorate as advance scouts, seeking out and destroying the enemies of the faithful that lie in wait to obstruct their holy mission.

Known Powers: Can self-sacrifice, if an friendly Menite nearby dies, they can take the damage instead of them.

Exemplar Errants

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