Exemplar Seneschal


The seneschals of the Knights Exemplar are living pillars of faith, and where they go the will of Menoth follows. Field commanders of the Exemplar order,
they are among the Creator’s most diligent servants. Their duty sends them to wherever the scrutators command, bearing orders to be carried out with the
highest priority.

A seneschal is nothing less than a force of nature on the battlefield. With his twin blades he relentlessly wades through the enemy, reaping death with every step. Those unfortunate enough to be caught within the onslaught of the blades are smote by the sheer power of Menoth’s righteous mandate. A seneschal’s holy fury cuts through the ranks of his foes like a thresher in a field of wheat.

Most notable is a seneschal’s inherent bond with his fellow Menites. Like the exemplar knight who rages at the sight of a fallen battle-brother, a seneschal feels the demise of the faithful like the cutting of his own flesh. Such is the conviction of a seneschal that he will never relent from his holy duty until his broken body can carry him no farther.

Known Powers: When any friendly Menite is killed, gains a buff to strength and armor. If unconcious, if any menite kills an enemy the Seneschal will gain enough HP to be 1 at minimum and get back up.

Exemplar Seneschal

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