Exemplar Vengers


Nearly two thousand years ago, the horse lords, adherents of the Old Faith, dominated the lands of the north. One by one their barbarian tribes were subjugated and forced to accept the True Law. Since the earliest days of the Exemplar order, there have been mounted knights in service of the
Lawgiver—the vengers. These knights are consumed with boundless faith and have long been paragons of ancient tradition and true instruments of Menoth’s will.

In the days of antiquity when the Menite priest-kings established their rule, the exemplars served them as unquestioning warriors of faith. The first knights acted as bodyguards and defenders of the first cities, but as time passed the priest-kings wished to extend the laws of Menoth to all Immoren. These knights earned the name “vengers” as they dispensed Menite judgment to the far corners of the
Thousand Cities, enforcing the Creator’s will and the edicts of the priest-kings with ruthless passion.

Today the vengers are the spearhead of the Protectorate. Many are direct descendants of the ancient northern horse lords, and their families have retained ties to the church. The vengers at the fore of the crusade’s battles might be more civilized than their ancient predecessors, but they fight with the same resolve. They serve the will of the Creator made manifest through the words of the scrutators without question. Each venger is motivated to be the perfect Menite warrior: faithful, powerful, and relentless.

Known Powers: When a Venger or other Vengers are harmed in combat, they gain a buff to armor and strength for one round, also can move through any terrain.

Exemplar Vengers

Defenders of the Runes Feeora