Knights Exemplar


Many scholars compare the various aspects of the Protectorate to Menoth himself: the faithful serve as the body of Menoth; the hierarch represents his head; the scrutators his mouth; the masses of the laboring faithful his bones; and the battle-ready zealots his blood. In this analogy, the Knights Exemplar are undoubtedly the weapons in his hands.

Heavily armored in blessed plate engraved with rites and wards of protection, these fanatical warriors stand undaunted as blows glance off their armor with tones akin to a hammer striking an anvil. The mere unsheathing of their relic blades in war is considered a sacrament. Though formidable in their own right, the knights are made nearly unstoppable by the divine gifts they receive from the Lawgiver.

They will not be deterred from their cause; even seeing their brethren fall in battle and pass into Menoth’s hands makes them stronger, fueling their faith and righteous anger.

Known Powers: Fighters. Spell resistance or Immunity. If one exemplar dies, other exemplars become stronger. Can pierce spell immunity with blessed weapons.

Knights Exemplar

Defenders of the Runes Feeora