Paladin of the Order of the Wall


With members who embody ideals at odds with the harsh dictates of the ruling scrutators, the Order of the Wall has experienced a turbulent past. Its enrollment has periodically dwindled to near extinction, only to surge back again in periods of turmoil to reassure the population that Menoth offers protection and not only wrath. Paladins of this order have served mankind since the first words of the Canon of the True Law, acting as bastions of stability when the wilderness threatened to overthrow civilization. The wall of their namesake stands for every barrier erected to shelter a community from external threats.

Paladins prioritize mercy and protection of the innocent, which can force them to disobey orders given by the scrutators. Priests take this as a sign that paladins lack the obedience that is the hallmark of the Knights Exemplar. Paladins prefer to protect the members of Menoth’s flock rather than drown them in rivers of blood, and they believe even the wayward can be guided back to the path of the Lawgiver—a philosophy for which they are beloved by the people.

Encased in the protection of tempered steel and trained to hold against any enemy, each paladin is akin to an unbreakable fortress. When a paladin strikes with his Firebrand sword, it erupts in holy fire like a sliver of the sun. Those who witness a paladin in combat cannot doubt Menoth’s power flows through him.

Known Powers: If it forfeits movement, gains damage reduction and cannot be knocked down, grappled, pinned, etc.

Paladin of the Order of the Wall

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