Temple Flameguard


Outside the temples of Menoth, the Flameguard stand ever vigilant. The great Hierarch Voyle created the order as it is presently known by conscripting
able-bodied Menites in the days leading up to the war of conquest on the realm. Though the temples had long gathered armed guardians from among the faithful,
this Flameguard was something new, unified in instruction and discipline to become true soldiers of the faith.

Garbed in heavy, flowing white tabards and gleaming helms and trained to use spear and shield, the Flameguard protect temples and holy sites and preserve
the sacred flame burning in each. In return for making themselves useful to Menoth, they are granted indulgences by the Church and earn favored status and comfort for their families.

The Flameguard train ceaselessly with their seven-foot steel spears, the hafts of which are filled with reservoirs of the fiery Menoth’s Fury developed under Hierarch Turgis. The liquid is piped to surface vents in the barbed tip and ignited
by a mechanism triggered from the base of the spear. In battle, the spears drip oily fire and are capable of inflicting excruciating wounds. Since the time ofVoyle, the stated purpose of the Flameguard has increasingly been a justification for creating a well-trained, well-armed military. Over time, these pious soldiers have become elite infantry prized as both the first and the last line of defense in battle, where they become a living wall protecting the clergy from harm.

Known Powers: Immune to charge when in formation with other temple flameguard, receive bonus against special attacks when in formation. Upon critical strikes, flame spears can cause fire damage.

Temple Flameguard

Defenders of the Runes Feeora